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We started off as a small knit group of friends that came together due to one question: What does the future look like and what part can we play to offer stability?

With this project, we aren’t only offering our clients a seat on this new journey, but also our partners, employees and staff from all over the world. Our international counterparts offer a unique mindset for achieving our goal. 

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The Teak Plantations Costa Rica Project represents an innovative dual proof-of-concept investment opportunity for both the forestry-oriented investor as well as for the lessee.

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The combination of land acquisition and subsequent personalised leasing provide the land by a calculable return with significantly reduced risk in the leaseholders can expect an attractive return from the sale of the Teakwood – the classic conservative approach of investment in a new guise.

“Ecology and economy hand-in-hand.”

Our philosophy is one of the requirements for the successful transformation from industrial exploitation to a life-friendly future. Climate and fairness, social responsibility and growth, innovation and the future – they all have one thing in common: they must be nurtured and cared for. We see ourselves as a driving part of society, taking responsibility today for tomorrow. We are committed to tackling this marathon and invite you to join us on the exciting road to a healthy future.



The teak tree (Tectona grandis) is a fast-growing tropical tree species. It provides a very valuable wood and is one of the most expensive due to its many attractions. Mostly known for its wood, a teak tree blooms with its blossoms. The average tree reaches about 40 m (131 ft) and is free of branches to about 24 m (80 ft).       



The heartwood is extremely durable, which makes it the main choice material for outdoor furniture. The causes are the secondary plant compounds that prevent fungal attack and provide resistance to insect attack. The high silicone content strengthens resistance to termite infestation, borers and fires. Even when not treat with oil or varnish, teak wood is very durable.



The demand for plantation teak exceeds the available supply several times over. While teak is currently used primarily in furniture construction, exterior applications and shipbuilding, its sustainable energy-saving benefits as a building material in architecture are becoming increasingly important.


Costa Rica is the perfect country for our goals.

Costa Rica is considered one of the most progressive in Latin America. The country has one of the highest biodiversity densities and environmental protection requirements in the world and is called the “Switzerland of Central America”. This is not only because the landscape is reminiscent of Switzerland, but also because the political stability, the neutrality (without its own military) and the economic prosperity allow the comparison.

In international comparison, Costa Rica stands out for its successful political and economic transformation. Unlike many other countries in the region, it has been a stable democracy since the 1950s and was spared the problems of social unrest, civil wars and dictatorship that were widespread in 20th century Latin America through early sociopolitical measures. Faced with armed conflicts in neighbouring countries at the time, it declared its “permanent and active unarmed neutrality” in 1983.
Climate protection, nature conservation and forest protection are considered important components of the state’s environmental policy and are consistently implemented. About 27% of Costa Rica‘s land area is protected. In 2012, there were 160 protected areas such as biological reserves, national parks and nature reserves. An important basis of the states environmental policy what is the “Peace with Nature Initiative” of President Oscar Arias, with which he wanted to put a radical end to environmental destruction. The law was passed in December 2007. Arias declared in 2007 that by 2021, Costa Rica is 200th birthday, the country would be the first on Earth to achieve a balanced footprint in emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Nearly 100% of its energy needs are generated from renewable sources. In 2011, former German President Christian Wulff described the country as an ecological role model during his state visit to Costa Rica.


The Plantation  

The Plots

Hills of Las Delicias of San Gabriel
San Juan de Mata
Turrubares County  
Province of San José  
Costa Rica  
Cadastral entry: 1 – 458928-000    
Cadastral Survey Nº P-218903-1994

Teak plantation: 57,560 square meters    
Total number: approx. 251 plots  
Size/plot: approx. 125 square meters (see plan on the right)      
Trees/plot: approx. 10 trees (see plan on the right)      
Lease price sqm: 1 USD    
Duration: 20 years      
Price: 2.500 USD / 125 sqm/plot

Copy of Jeffries & Madison
Copy of Jeffries & Madison

Lease plots instead of buying land,

thus practically all investors, according to their financial possibilities, make an investment in the future and benefit from the expected increase in prices, by the sale of the trees on their plots.   
Each plot is individually numbered and shows the number of seedlings planted.     
All leases are registered in the tree register, regardless of whether you pay for the lease in the traditional way by bank transfer or purchase it as NFT.

Copy of Jeffries & Madison
Copy of Jeffries & Madison


By purchasing an NFT, you’ve completed your first step in joining our community. 

Visit our OpenSea account.

Copy of Jeffries & Madison
Copy of Jeffries & Madison


FSC or PEFC certification. The FSC forest management certification system was established to ensure the sustainable use of forests, which includes the preservation and improvement of the economic, ecological and social functions of forest enterprises.

Copy of Jeffries & Madison
Copy of Jeffries & Madison


CER certificate trading. Certified Emissions Reductions are created through Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. They are an instrument for reducing greenhouse gases. Environmentally friendly projects can create CERs, which are sold.




Costa Rica’s democratic tradition indicates long-term political and economic stability. The landscape and climate are very close to the natural distribution areas of the teak tree, which is reflected in the quality of the wood.

No, the property was used for cattle ranching before we had ownership. Costa Rica is a world leader in nature and environmental protection, which saves the entire rainforest from deforestation.

Due to the high natural silicone concentration in the bark, the teak tree is exceptionally fire resistant.

Fun Fact: In Africa, teak trees are therefore even grown as a protective belt around fire sensitive plantations.

Of course.
For safety reasons we asked for an early registration so that we can provide you with a guide. After completion of the eco-lodges it will also be possible to book overnight stays at the plantation.

Analysis by the Indufor Consulting Group, forecasts by the International Forestry Review, the UN’s FAO and the HWWI report “Climate Change – Strategy 2030” predict that prices for wood as a raw material are facing a sustained upward trend.

A retrospective analysis shows that investments in wood generate average returns of over 12% to 15% with lower risk than traditional investment classes.

Each tenant will receive detailed written documentation of tree development and growth on an annual basis.

In principle, you can offer your lease for sale on the OpenSea.io platform as an NFT at any time.

Of course it is possible to give away your lease.

For your convenience, the transfer application is attached to each lease agreement, documenting the lease transfer in the tree registry.

After the second rotation, approx. 40 years, the landowners in tend to reforest the plantation with rain forest groves and to use it for ecotourism.

Employment at the plantation and the eco-lodges are reserved for local employees.

Copy of Jeffries & Madison

Send us an email for any further inquiries and we will be glad to assist.

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